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How Solar Works

How Solar Works

Stop Depending on the City

Our custom-installed solar panels convert the sun’s energy into DC current

Convert DC to AC Current

An inverter conditions the power and converts it to AC electricity for use in your home

“Rollover” Electricity

When more power is produced than needed, it’s sent to the utility company for your future use

Power Provided Night & Day

Higher quality power is produced and is continuously provided when demand exceeds production

Why Super Solar?



Super Solar is an industry veteran. Over 300 systems installed since 2001!


Our Team lives and works in Oakland and the Bay Area. We are responsive and knowledgable of local regulations.


We keep our company small and personal and are constantly escalating our skills and training.


Super Solar can consult with you on exactly how much money you can save per month by converting your home to solar energy.

Savings & Stats

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