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Electricity generation is one of the absolute worst polluters. However, it is still a necessary evil in an urban environment.

We forget just how polluting our electricity is because its generation is usually out of sight and out of mind. Electricity generation is by the far the greatest emitter of greenhouse gases which lead to unforeseen climate change. Additionally, mercury and many other damaging pollutants are emitted into the air we breathe.

There also remain the unsolvable issues confronting nuclear waste from nuclear power facilities. Add to it our unsustainable thirst for oil contrasted with the dwindling proven oil reserves of the world. As a stop gap measure, our nation is set to rely on more and more ’clean coal’ to supply our electricity. This is what our nation’s leaders speak about, in addition to oil, and a possible resurgence of nuclear power, and it fairly sums up our nation’s energy policy. Do we want to follow China’s lead where people’s lives are shortened by several years due to coal burning electricity plants?

Your shiny iPOD, home lighting, and other electricity consuming appliances seem clean, but they have environmental costs. Do your part to offset the pollution caused by your power consumption.

Unlike conventional power production, solar is the cleanest way to generate power . Solar panels offset their embodied energy, that is the energy required to manufacture them, within 1 1/2 to 2 years of operation. Afterwards they will generate completely emission free, safe power for a minimum of 25 years!

A typical solar electric home system of 3 kW size offsets as much pollution as driving 246,000 miles in an average car!

Don’t support overseas oil dictatorships and our own unjust war for oil by purchasing fossil fuel based electricity. Invest in your own clean, green, domestic power machine.